Saturday, February 7, 2015

Coming April 2015 to - Guest model: The "Secret Weapon"!

Coming to TanyaFitness in less than 2 months! - Guest Model: "The Secret Weapon"
Tanya Hyde is pleased to show off this little preview of a very special upcoming guest model on - Lauren Dean - code name: "The Secret Weapon".  The weapon will be revealed to the world on in early April, 2015... and she will be worth the wait! She's an absolute physical specimen.  Tall and athletic, with thick, well-sculpted muscle, the weapon is currently in prep for her early April show. We met up with her briefly in 2014 at the Olympia, got these quick preview shots, and set forth a plan of action that female muscle fans will no doubt enjoy!  In addtion to upcoming features on TanyaFitness as a guest model, the weapon also plans to have her own clips store at, the FemaleMuscleStore, by 2nd half 2015.  So... as you can see.... we weren't kidding when we said we've got BIG plans for 2015! So, JOIN TanyaFitness today and get ready for some of the hottest photos and videos to come yet!
POWERFUL arms and delts - "The Weapon" has some guns!

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