Sunday, March 10, 2013

How BIG are Shannon Courtney's Muscles?

If you want to see some tape-bustin' measurements of one of today's hottest, youngest (21) female bodybuilders, check out the "Shannon and Tanya Hardcore Gym Shoot" page at Shannon's muscles are cartoon-like in their proportions, and Tanya is having a blast measuring these eye poppin' quads and biceps! JOIN TanyaFitness today for much much more on the way!

biceps Shannon Courtney
Shannon has huge guns!

Shannon Courtney quads
Shannon's MAMMOTH quads

Shannon Courtney calves legs measurements
Shannon's calves are enormous too!

Also, if you missed it on TanyaFitness, here is the latest message from Tanya:
3/07/2013 - Message from Tanya - So many great things happening - can't wait to compete! 
Good Morning Everyone! I just wanted to thank you all so very much for all of your continued support. I hope that you are enjoying the new shoots and video's that we have added recently. We will be adding some really hot new footage over the weekend so be sure to stay tuned for your enjoyment! What are your plans today?! I am sitting here drinking or should I say guzzling my coffee, drank a shake and I am off to the gym to train legs. As you all know, I am training to compete in my very first Physique competition coming here in April, thanks to my sponsor HDPhysiques. Training and diet have been going well. I am making sure to do things the right way so I do not damage my thyroid, metabolism etc so in other words I am not slaughtering my body. I know that I will probably not come onto the stage ripped, as lean as I should be or even not what the judges are looking for. I still have 6 weeks left and I have my work cut out for me, my legs need a lot of work (under my booty), and my abs which are my trouble spot and the hardest spot for my body to shed fat. But, I am so pleased with my progress thus far. Last year I was nursing injuries, and I slipped from living a healthy lifestyle and of course it showed! At the beginning of January 2013, I was about 168lbs and I am now 150lbs. I cleaned up my diet, along with eliminating alcoholic drinks and amped up my training and cardio. I am now 150lbs and feel as if I have done a fantastic job of maintaining muscle and even adding some. My body composition has completely changed over these past few weeks, I feel as if I look the best that I have ever looked. What I have realized is that I need to just be me, embrace my own body and not compare my body to anyone else that I see in the magazines. My body is unique, we are only given one, and I want to treat it right and stay healthy. I will make necessary changes to it based on what I feel needs improvement. I refuse to starve myself, follow some bullshit metabolic ruining diet, and endless hours of cardio.... all to get onto stage looking "ripped to the bone". I am eating healthy foods, going to the gym and training hard and being kind to my body, and I am actually enjoying this process. I am smiling at the fact that I won't have to go to the doctor's office after all of this, and spend years repairing all of the damage I did all to look great on stage for 10 minutes only to be handed a trophy for my extreme efforts. Naaa I'm competing for me, to be proud of my hard work, to shut myself up from years of saying I'm going to do this and never do, to shed the fat and be able to see years of training show through and to show those close to me that I finally did it. Cheers, let's have a great day! I am off to the gym now! -Tanya

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  1. With arms like yours, how could anyone ever hope to have any kind of a chance competing against you? Your arms are truly magnificent!