Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Interview with Amanda Hatfield

Amanda Hatfield (formerly Amanda Swallow) is one of HDP's recent models over the last month. She recently returned to competition after a small hiatus and is one of the most promising stars in the fitness division. HDP was the among the first to release new footage of Amanda since her return. She was gracious enough to conduct an interview with her.

HDPhysiques: First things first, please state your name and competition class/category (amateur/pro female bodybuilder, physique competitor, fitness competitor, figure competitor, bikini competitor, other)
Amanda Hatfield: Amanda Kay Hatfield amateur fitness competitor.

HDP: Besides competing, what else do you do for a living?
Amanda: I am the General Manager of PowerHouse Gym in Berea, Ohio. I also manage and train Team PowerHouse.

HDP: What got you interested in physique competitions in the first place?
Amanda: As a child I loved competing in gymnastics. My dream was to make it to the Olympics. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. When I learned about the NPC it was like a second chance.

HDP: Recently you made your return to fitness after a long hiatus. What made you decide to return to the sport, and has it been easier or harder to compete with the new crop of competitors?
Amanda: My boyfriend, Joe Mazzone and I purchased the PowerHouse Gym in Berea, Ohio. Managing the gym has made it easier to diet and maintain my workouts. I don’t focus on other competitors. I bring what I have to offer and leave it to the judges.

HDP: Although you have done well in fitness, have you entertained the idea of possibly entering a different division?
Amanda: I love fitness, but I can’t help but wonder if Physique would be a better fit for me.

HDP: What is the best part about physique competitions, and what’s one thing you don’t like about them?
Amanda: I love to entertain and connecting with the audience. I would have to say the worst thing about competitions is the waiting behind stage to compete.

HDP: What is one thing you would change about the female muscle industry?
Amanda: I wouldn’t change a thing. The NPC has done a great job of adding new divisions to accommodate every physique.

HDP: What is your favorite bodypart to train? What is your least favorite bodypart to train?
Amanda: Tough question, I love to train every body part, except arms and abs. I just think training arms is boring. I want to have fun!

HDP: How important is having an online presence these days, especially since there are so many competitors now?
Amanda: I’m not sure I guess it depends on what you want to do with your career. My goal is to be a pro fitness competitor. I don’t know if judges follow competitors online. If you want to model and do more photo shoots I would think it would be very important.

HDP: Who (physique-wise) do you look up to when it comes to how you want to present yourself on stage?
Amanda: My favorite physique right now is Dana Lynn Bailey’s! I love how she is strong and athletic, but continues to maintain her femininity and sex appeal. I think she is a great inspiration to women. So many women are afraid to lift heavy and get too big or become less feminine.

HDP: Who is your biggest inspiration in life? (It can be whoever, doesn’t have to be in the industry at all) Amanda: Wow, I have never really been inspired by anyone. I just take it day by day and learn from my mistakes. I also try to lead by example, for my kids, employees, and athletes.

HDP: Do you have any competitions plans that you would like to share with our HDP audience?
Amanda: My next competition is going to be Jr. USA’s, after that I will let you know…..LOL!

HDP: Do you wish to share any contact information with your fans in the event they’d like to contact you to wish you well, offer sponsorship, etc.?
Amanda: The easiest way to contact me would be through Facebook.(under Amanda Hatfield)

Big thanks to Amanda for conducting this interview with us! To view her HDP Model page, click here.

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