Thursday, May 28, 2015

Another NEW Rachael Loftis Model Page added on HDPhysiques!

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HDPhysiques Sponsored Athlete, Rachael Loftis
Impressive Muscle from the Mile-High City! Our latest shoot with the unreal Rachael Loftis, also took place at Morrison Colorado's historic Red Rocks Park and Ampitheater.  Always a fun shoot, Rachael, one of our sponsored athletes here at HDPhysiques, looked absolutely stunning against the famed backdrop of the Red Rocks and Denver.  She's competing this Saturday, May 30th 2015, in the Mile High Pro Show, so wish her the best of luck as she aims for an Olympia qualification!  JOIN HDPhysiques to see more photos and vids of this top level athlete on the new Rachael Loftis 3 Model Page!
Rachael Loftis - amazing muscles everywhere!
Fun Shoot at the Red Rocks - get more at!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Big-Armed Tarna Alderman back on HDPhysiques!

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Our recent trip to the 2015 Emerald Cup in Bellevue, WA was once again a great time. It's always the perfect spot to meet up with industry friends and associates, and find some of the latest greatest bodybuilding talent on the planet!  A big surprise was when we saw the STUNNING former bodybuilder, Tarna Alderman, on the list for Women's Physique! We first shot with Tarna in 2012 at the same show, where she wowed the audience with amazing biceps, thick meaty quads, and stunning looks.  Well, 2015 was no different! Still sporting the same amazing bodyparts, Tarna was just more refined and lean than before, still possessing quality muscularity and impressive shape. She really does have it all! We look forward to watching her proceed forward this year in her quest for an IFBB Pro Card in Women's Physique. JOIN HDPhysiques now for the latest photos and videos of this first class female muscle athlete! Check out the Tarna Alderman Model Page right now, you won't regret it!
Gorgeous looks, impressive muscle. Unbeatable combination
The Best Biceps in Bellevue!

That's a BIG meaty arm, there, Tarna!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

HDPhysiques at the 2015 Emerald Cup

Tarna Alderman looking UNREAL ripped and vascular
at the 2015 Emerald Cup - JOIN HDPhysiques today!
After skipping in 2014, HDPhysiques once again made the long trip back to the Pacific Northwest for the 2015 Emerald Cup, by Craig Productions. Always one of the year's best shows, the 2015 version once again delivered. Not only did we do some very excellent shoots in the beautiful Seattle Spring weather, we also had a great time catching up with friends and checking out the deep fields of talent in the various women's divisions at the E-Cup.  JOIN HDPhysiques now and stay tuned for some of the awesome shoots coming your way from Bellevue!
The lovely Clarissa Evans working the GAT booth

Fit models working the Warrior Fuel Booth

Kristine Duba (r) with her friends

HDPhysiques model, and Emerald Cup Guest Performer
IFBB Pro Kristine Duba

HDPhysiques favorite - IFBB Figure Pro Kassie Kemmis

IFBB Physique Pro Jodi Marchuk working the Body Fortress Booth

Erica Blockman, HDPhysiques model, working for War Hammer

Kristie Ott working the GNC Booth

Tarna Alderman had one of the most amazing physiques at the entire show!

Angie Corbin, Physique Competitor, with Photographer
Lou Krivda

Yami wins Figure, then celebrates in her red dress!

HDPhysiques model Amber Jacobs working her booth
and getting ready for the 2015 USA's in Vegas in July

Andrea Lenihan 2 - new page at HDPhysiques!

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Andrea Lenihan 2 Model Page!

Our 2nd shoot with the impressive physique pro, Andrea Lenihan, took place the day before the 2015 STL Pro Show at Evocative Studios in St. Louis, MO. We were knocked out by the amazing gains and improvements she made since our first shoot at the 2013 USA's in Las Vegas.  Join HDPhysiques today for lots of stunning photos of the perfect physical specimen of feminine power, Andrea Lenihan!
Perfect muscularity, rock hard physique!

Gorgeous flexing - IFBB Physique Pro Andrea Lenihan

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

New at HDPhysiques - the GORGEOUS 6-foot tall WPD Beauty, Lauren Dougall!

Stunning 6-foot tall beauty, Lauren Dougall
Now Available on
Wow - our newest model is MOST impressive! Fresh off of her win in the NPC Midwest Women's Physique Contest, Lauren Dougall from Wisconsin shows off her amazing physique at Evocative Studios in St. Louis. We got some incredibly beautiful shots of Lauren as she posed and flexed her perfectly shaped muscles in the studio. On the new Lauren Dougall Model Page, check out 3 members section galleries in 2 different outfits and be ready to see her make another appearance on our site in the future when we line up some more work with her later this year. Not often can you find so much muscle on such a tall frame, but Lauren is a tremendous athlete and has worked hard sculpting a mind-blowing physique! JOIN HDPhysiques now for this amazing new model!
Nice Peak! Join HDP today for new model
Lauren Dougall

WIIIIIIIIDE! Get it, Lauren!

Elegant muscle power - Lauren Dougall

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

HDPhysiques Sponsored Athlete Rachael Loftis NEW SHOOT at HDPhysiques!

The Beautiful Rachael Loftis - HDPhysiques sponsored athlete
Now available on!
HDPhysiques recently traveled to Denver, the Mile-High City, for a few days of shooting with one of our sponsored athletes, Rachael Loftis!  Having won her pro card at last year's 2014 NPC Jr. Nationals, Rachael has been preparing to take the Pro League by storm.  She's now just about a month out from her pro debut, which happens to be in her own backyard.... the 2015 IFBB Mile-High Pro Show on May 30th.  We got LOTS of amazing photo and video footage of Rachael, as we filmed an intense training session at the world class Armbrust Pro Gym, then headed out for 2 days of filming and shooting at the famous Red Rocks State Park and Amphitheater in Morrison, CO. So, stay tuned, and JOIN HDPhysiques today for the new Rachael Loftis 2 model page!
Rachael Loftis at Armbrust Pro Gym - quite the combination!

Lots of sexy photos of Rachael and her amazing physique
now available at

Can you believe this amazing Physique?
Stunning muscularity and physical perfection!

Monday, April 27, 2015

HDPhysiques sponsored athlete Dani Reardon - new shoot at HDPhysiques!

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The "Lil Monstar" Dani Reardon
Ladies and Gents, you'll want to head over to HDPhysiques right away and check out the latest and greatest shoot of the stunning Dani Reardon!  We have already added the first 5 video clips, and 3 photo galleries to the members section, and much more is on the way, on the new Dani Reardon 2 model page!  JOIN HDPhysiques now!
WOW - total muscle power! - JOIN HDPhysiques now
for the new shoot with Dani Reardon!
Cute smile, gorgeous looks, and stunning muscularity.
Dani Reardon has it all!